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At GW Detox

We specialize in preventative health and wellness by detoxifying the body, removing many harmful toxins.

We take pride in our commitment to one on one personalized sessions.

Not only do we focus on your well being, we also support you through the amazing life change you are about to experience.

Re-Scheduling/Cancelation Policy
Minimum 24 Hr. Notice by Phone Call Must be recieved by staff. Text or Message left may not be accepted as notification. It is recommended all appointments be keft if at all possible.
All Services By Appointment Only.

Price List

colon hydrotherapy 60 min. and consultation
reg 119.00 special 55.00 single session 75.00    

pkg of 5 349.00
plus one free detox foot bath


pkg of 10 649.00
plus two free detox foot baths
detox foot baths 30 min.
reg price 45.00 special 35.00 pkg of 5 160.00 pkg of 10 300.00  
signature massage 60 min. acupressure deep tissue
reg 70.00 special 45.00      
Swedish gentle
reg 65.00 special 40.00      
ginger therapy
reg80.00 special 65.00      
facial lymph nodes detox massage 90 min.
90 min. reg 90.00 special 70.00 60 min reg 60.00 special 45.00  
aroma therapy massage
60 min reg 70.00 special 50.00 90 min reg 90.00 special 60.00  
hot stone massage
60 min reg 70.00 special 45.00 90 min reg 90.00 special 60.00  
foot massage
30 min reg 20.00 special 15.00 60 min reg 40.00 special 30.00